Cohen's Clothiers

#TravelTuesday: What to Pack

#TravelTuesday - Cohen's Clothiers

The beach? The mountains? Skiing? City getaway? No matter where you’re headed this winter season, we have everything you need to pack!

A Weekend at the Mountain Lodge

#TravelTuesday - Cohen's Clothiers

Shearling-lined boots, warm sweater and socks, cozy ONeill parka, fun tote and water bottle. Just add your favorite book!

Resort Getaway

#TravelTuesday - Cohen's Clothiers

Roxy swim coverup, Vineyard Vines pullover and hat, swimsuit tote and sandals. Can you hear the waves crashing?

Ski Weekend

#TravelTuesday - Cohen's Clothiers

Ripcurl parka, knit hat and gloves, chunky scarf, and cozy slippers. Must haves for a ski-weekend!

City Escape

#TravelTuesday - Cohen's Clothiers LA Coalition jacket, your new favorite jeans, fringe bag, boots, and a cosmetic bag that says it all.